Movement is Medicine

“Disease can only settle where there is already stagnation.” Juliu Horvath, creator of the GYROTONIC® Method

Movement is a signature of life. We recognize aliveness when we see movement. Even the most apparently still forms of life are humming with vibration at the cellular level.

The cornerstone of my movement practice is the GYROTONIC® Method. It allows me to explore movement possibilities from the most simplified to the most complex, with a wide variety of clients at all levels of ability. I have had the joy and privilege of teaching the GYROTONIC® Method since 1999 and have been a certified GYROTONIC® PreTrainer since 2002. Other tools in my movement modality toolkit include Franklin Method®, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and embodied anatomy.

There are no straight lines in the body. Every muscle, bone, and tissue that forms us, down to the DNA that provides its blueprint, is an arc or a spiral.  Joint surfaces articulate in arcs and circles, muscles arc and spiral between and around bones. The GYROTONIC® Method works with our naturally spiraled and curved bodies. As a result, workouts are extremely efficient, creating maximum results in a short amount of time. It is one of the only exercise systems that simultaneously strengthens and decompresses all of the major joints of the body.

Our culture generally disregards natural design and rhythm, forcing us to adapt the arcs, spirals, and cyclical rhythms of our bodies around the square-box design of our chairs, buildings and rigid schedules.  This leaves our bodies feeling fragmented and our minds disconnected from our innate wisdom. The GYROTONIC® Method overcomes this fragmentation by treating the body as a connected, organic whole.  The natural rhythms of movement, heartbeat, and breath become harmonized, leaving us calm, centered and strong.


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