Consciousness Heals

Our physical bodies are amazing! But there is more to us that meets the eye. Science confirms that all matter is energy. Our tangible bodies are just the most dense expression of this energy. This is not a new insight. Energy and consciousness-based medicines have been practiced for thousands of years. These practices are needed now more than ever to help us address our health at all levels of being -from the most dense to the most etheric.

Body Wisdom Energy Balancing Sessions

Our bodies heal and self-regulate 24/7. But the stresses of modern life tend to shift us into survival-only mode and compromise these natural abilities. The energy balancing methods offered by BodyWisdom reduce stress and invite all systems to return to a restorative state. BodyWisdom uses methods of energy and consciousness-based medicines that integrate ancient wisdom from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with modern understanding from physics, molecular biology, and genetics.

Neuromuscular bio-feedback is used to discover your body’s priorities for healing at the root cause of an issue. We find out what aspects of your body-mind-spirit-soul need to be balanced, harmonized or cleared to bring you to a higher state of wellness. Light contact and tapping techniques are used to wake up the body-mind’s awareness of these areas to trigger the healing process.

I use a combination of consciousness and energy balancing techniques from BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, and Source Point systems. In-Person and Remote sessions are available.